It’s no secret that work can be stressful. But when it is, what should you do? If you were brought up to always keep your life and concerns private, talking to others about stressors is, often difficult.  But such talks can be helpful if you keep a few tips in mind.

Schedule a Meeting in Advance and Narrow the Focus of Your Discussion

Make an appointment, with your manager. Taking this simple steps increases the likelihood of a productive outcome.  Avoid approaching your boss on a coffee break and asking if you can take a “few moments” of their time. Solving issues requires adequate time to do so. Another plus of setting an appointment with your immediate supervisor is they will appreciate the opportunity to work with you to solve an issue rather than learning later that you bypassed them and went directly to the human resource department. 

Consider what suggestions you can offer that will be helpful to the manager. For example, what do steps you feel could be taken to alleviate the stress? Would a realignment of duties help?  Would moving the physical location of your desk help? Are you being bullied?

Be prepared to show your boss your detailed schedule in order to give a better understanding of what tasks are taking exceptional amounts of time. Busy employers often don’t realize how adding seemingly small tasks can morph into big time commitments.

If options are agreed upon, give them a fair trial. If your boss has other ideas you may not have thought of, consider them carefully. Remember that it is the job of a boss to maintain a productive workforce, and assisting staff is part of that responsibility.  They may also be able to suggest resources that are available through the organization that can help with a variety of issues, including those related to family or caregiving responsibilities.  

Stress and Your Health

If your stress is affecting your health, talk to your doctor who may point you toward resources that were previously unknown to you. New resources can bring about new ways of looking at issues that are occurring both on and off the job.

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