How a Summer Vacation Could Make You More Productive When You Return to Work

Are you an overachiever who rarely takes time off from work? Do you fail to use all of your paid vacation days? If so, you are not alone. In fact, surveys have shown that 40 percent of American workers fail to use all their vacation days. But repeated studies have also shown that vacations actually are vital for our minds and bodies to function effectively. In short, everyone needs a break from stress.

Vacations Are Good for You, Your Employer, and the Economy

Put bluntly, chronic stress is at the root of many medical conditions. While you may already know that chronic stress is a major factor in heart disease and high blood pressure, stress also plays a major role in break downs in our immune systems. The ability to fight infection is reduced by stress, and gastric and digestive issues are more apt to be concerns for those under chronic stress. Have you suffered a case of shingles, which is reactivation of the chicken pox virus you had as a child? If so, stress might be the cause. Are you suffering headaches or finding it difficult to sleep? You aren’t alone, but it surely feels that way when you are staring at your alarm clock at 2 a.m.

The good news is time away from work can go a long way towards resetting your body’s clock and reducing time off from work due to illness. It can help restore a healthy metabolism (and even help us shed unwanted pounds). As an bonus, it can improve appearance by minimizing the worry lines that come with stress.

When You Miss a Vacation, You May Miss Out on the Best Memories of Your Life

You’ve often heard it said that “time flies.” Indeed, it does. Ask a senior citizen what they have learned about life and you’ll likely hear, “I wish I had spent more time with family and friends.”  Or, maybe they will say, “I wish I had begun traveling sooner.”

So, if you haven’t already done so, block out your calendar to use all of your vacation time.    The result can be a win/win for you, your family and your employer.

When Staffing Issues Surface, Let PrideStaff Reduce Your Worries

Adequate staffing can make taking a vacation easier for everyone. When you put PrideStaff to work for you, our priority will be making your work life less stressful. Call us today. You can reach us by calling 210-807-6206

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