When a day at work leaves you feeling that nothing was accomplished, experts say the culprit might be your nightly routine. The good news is that changing just a few routine behaviors can make a big difference in how you regard the sound of your morning alarm clock.

No two individuals are alike, and not all of these suggestions are likely to be perfect for you. But what have you got to lose? Try a few to see what might work.

Routines the make facing a day at work easier:

  1. Set yourself up for a positive day.  Review your schedule for the next day and lay out any materials you need to avoid a morning scramble to find an important document.  Once your mind is at ease, try disconnecting from scenarios that literally raise your blood pressure. If the nightly news leaves you depressed or a glance at social media causes your mind to churn rather than relax, avoid the situation. Listening to relaxing music to unwind might be a better choice.
  • Make your sleeping area a “no screen” zone. Avoid the temptation to fall asleep as the vision of random images from a TV or tablet blur before you.
  • Keep bedtime consistent. Our bodies respond well to consistency. This is why travel to other time zones or across the globe can leave us feeling drained for days.
  • Do what you enjoy. Some paint or read. Whatever you do avoid the temptation to begin what could turn into a frustrating task.
  • Dim the lights. Research has shown this simple action sends a message to the body to “wind down” and move from day to night.

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