If you have been considering reworking parts of your hiring process, spring is the ideal time to do so. Newly minted graduates are entering the job market and experienced employees often see the spring season as an ideal time to look for new opportunities.

For Improved Recruitment Success, Actively Build Your Brand

The most prevalent consensus is the 2019 hiring market is expected to continue to be highly competitive. Strong active job candidates may be off the market in as little as 10 days. This means that “passive” job candidates offer excellent potential for hiring managers. These candidates are generally considered to be 75 percent of potential employees, and they are defined as those who are not actively seeking new jobs but would consider other employment if the right opportunity were offered. To attract them, enhance the face you put on your business. Respond promptly to reviews and share updates and useful information on a regular basis. Passive job seekers need to be engaged, and old news or no news on your web pages will do nothing to foster engagement or interest.

Spruce Up Your Job Listings

Whether they are active or passive job seekers, potential hires may be skimming your copy. This means brevity counts. Short sentences pack a punch. Lengthy descriptions generally go unread and do nothing to peak interest or encourage action. If possible, limit descriptions to five or six main points and focus on what your company can do for potential employees. Studies have shown this approach works well, and it actually attracts candidates who better fit your needs.

Improve Your Interviews and Expand Your Presence on LinkedIn and Social Media

When new hires fail, it is often because the interview process itself did not pick up on the skills or characteristics that would build success in a new position. Take a hard look at the questions being asked and the skills being tested. Satisfied hires write positive online reviews and comments — all of which builds your brand and enhances your opportunity to quickly fill new openings. Remember, too, that conversations on Twitter and postings to your LinkedIn contacts may lead you to potential job candidates. According to the Pew Research Center, LinkedIn usage is especially high among the educated (bachelor’s degree holders and up), and high earners (those making $75,000 a year or more) — exactly the types of people who may prove to be talented full-time hires.

Let PrideStaff San Antonio Enhance Your Hiring Options

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