Have you ever wanted to try out new job opportunities? Ever wondered if you are suited for a particular career field? If so, temporary jobs may be a way to expand your horizons.

Currently, it is estimated that U.S. staffing companies hire more than 14 million temporary and contract employees every year, and that number is expected to grow. Perhaps best of all, working as a temporary allows you to “try out” a new job or career before committing to full-time work. In fact, studies by the American Staffing Association have shown that one in three contract workers has been offered a job by a client that previously employed them on a temporary basis.

Temporary Job Assignments Expose You to Experiences That Enhance Your Skills

Temporary jobs often take you into environments you might otherwise never experienced. As a group, “temps” learn to adapt to new situations quickly, and adaptability and people skills are among the skills employers seek in full-time hires. 

Additionally, experienced temps often report that regularly adapting to new environments has taught them the value of asking open-ended questions. They find to more quickly fit into their new environments, they tend to avoid questions whose answers might only be “yes” or “no.” For example, “How did you begin working here?” or “What is the best way to begin this process?” Such questions help them build quicker rapport and acceptance from those they encounter—something that is important in all work and social environments.  

While communication skills are considered “soft” skills, a recent report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) confirms that proficiency in verbal communication is the most important skill employers seek in new hires. You can be technically proficient, but without the ability to communicate well, career advancement will almost certainly be limited. Therefore, building communication skills can truly put you on the road to your dream career.

Temping is an Ideal Form of Networking

Working with new people means those same people can put in a good word for you with the hiring specialists in the company. If you decide an environment is right for you, what could be better than a recommendation from someone who has worked beside you?

If a full-time job at the organization for which you are temping is not something you want, the people you meet could still give you recommendations for other jobs or training opportunities elsewhere.

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