As 2019 gets underway, what can managers expect regarding unemployment? While projections are never perfect, experts looking to 2019 and beyond forecast steady economic growth and unemployment rates that will remain in the range of about 3.7 percent.

Skilled Workers Remain In Demand

Given those facts, demand for workers is expected to remain high across all 50 states and in the 100 largest metro areas. These types of numbers mean existing staffers are more important than ever in business expansion plans.

The skills and needs of existing staff have already been demonstrated over the course of months or years. They already represent a substantial investment for the business. Thus, forward-thinking managers may find that helping workers fine-tune their skills in areas such as communication, business, software, and leadership is more important than ever. Given the tight labor market, such training can prove to be an excellent investment.

Low Unemployment Rates Will Mean Retention of Existing Staff Will Be Important

Given the low unemployment rates and the high demand for skilled workers that will exist in the 2019 employment market, arranging time for one-on-one conversations with all staff, both recently hired and seasoned staff, is important.

In those conversations, focus at least some of your questions toward gauging the satisfaction level of your current workforce. Doing this will help you anticipate what you might do to both retain them in your workforce and help them grow into higher-level positions.

Not all training needs to be outsourced. To reduce costs, you may have existing staff who could create excellent in-service learning experience.

For example, since digital skills are key for almost all business environments, consider how staff members or team groups would benefit from enhancement of their computer or software skills. Lack of these skills can cause productivity delays. For example, mind mapping software might help visualization of corporate issues or assist in planning.  Other workshops might examine shortcuts for using existing software or the training might discuss planned new software. Showing a creative team new features of photo editing or design software could save hours of frustration.  Ideas are limitless and input from existing staff will provide good leads.

How PrideStaff San Antonio Can Help

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