In the U.S. and globally, talent shortage is at record highs. Nearly a third of employers say the main reason they can’t fill roles is a lack of applicants. This means recruiters must increasingly find ways to get the attention of individuals who are not actively seeking to change jobs. In short, they have to find the “passive” candidates who would be willing to change jobs if the right opportunity were presented.


Characteristics of Passive Candidates

As a manager or recruiter, you may feel that individuals described as being “passive” would not be strong candidates for employment, but a look at the traits of such candidates would say otherwise. Individuals who are currently employed and considered “passive” are generally active, involved workers who are happy in their jobs. To get them to become active job candidates requires they hear such good things about an organization they actively want to reach out and seek those organizations. But how will that happen?


Studies have shown passive candidates tend to avoid job boards because they do not see themselves as actively seeking new jobs. Passive seekers will, therefore, most likely be found through other, more creative means that allow a recruiter to make the case for a move.


Creativity Can Help You Find Strong Passive Candidates

First, if you are an employer, every person who goes to your webpage gains an impression. Therefore, it is important to be certain your webpage is always current, attractive and designed to make those who visit the page want to learn more about you. This will cause an existing customer or client to make an additional “click” to see your job openings. Write copy describing openings using attractive job descriptions, perks, and benefits.


Second, ask your “passive” reader to become an active candidate for employment or refer someone else who might be a perfect match for an opening. You have likely heard that a good salesperson asks for the sale. If you believe that, why not make it true for you?


Third, when working with a staffing agency, show recruiters the candidates who meet your criteria will want to work for you because of the environment and culture your organization offers. The more you can tell a recruiter about the talents required for a job, the culture of your organization, and the reasons why candidates should consider joining your team, the greater chance you will have that talent searches will be short.


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